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The simple answer is NO - provided that you have your privacy setting at " Site Members" (recommended), then only people logged into the site can access your profile and there are privacy settings available to site members allowing you to control who sees what.

To access these settings navigate to your profile and on the bar with the house symbol on the left click on profile and select privacy from the drop down menu, you will then have access to your privacy permissions.

 You can also set privacy options for what fields in your profile you want others to see - your whole Profile:- 

 Or individual fields within your profile:- 



Please bear in mind, though, due to the limitations of the site software, that if you submit an article and you have your full name in the "name" field of your profile, the article will be published with your name as author - therefore recommend that you use only your first name or a pseudonym when joining or updating your profile. Usually though one of our editors will change the name displayed with the article to your username.

What many of us do is have our "name" and "username" the same therefore retaining our anonymity.

on Saturday June 03
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To change password you navigate to your profile on the little bar at the top with the house icon click on Profile and select edit profile from the drop down list and you will get a "page" the option to modify your Information or Account - Account is the one that you need, there you can change your password.


on Monday June 12
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We are sorry to see anyone go but if this site is not for you then you need to navigate to your profile and on the top bar with the house image on it click on "Profile", then in the drop down select "Edit Profile"

 Then as you can see there is a link to "Delete Profile" 

on Tuesday June 13 by Lea
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Simple answer - no you  can't - because the user name is all tied up with your login details, However I believe I can do it for you. You would need to send me a private message with you new user name and I will change it in the database and check that everything is working as it should after the change.

on Saturday November 25 by Fi
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Questions about membership

Membership on this site is free, but we do have running costs for the site, so we welcome any donations.

on Saturday June 03
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Please see:-

on Saturday July 01
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Where are you encountering this problem - when trying to join or after joining and trying to edit your profile?

To investigate fully we would need further information, such as what browser you are using, whether or not you have cookies enabled and on what part of creating the profile are you getting the error?

A test was just run and no anomolies were encountered and registration and profile creation went smoothly with no issues - suggest you clear browser cache and try again.

If problem continues please contact webmaster.

on Monday July 03
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